Shenzhen Enlighten International School

Learning And Growing Together

US Principal: Dr. David Chen

Educational Biography of Dr. David Chen:

  • University of California, Los Angeles, USA (1989)
  • Fluid Mechanics, California Institute of Technology, USA (1993)
  • Educational Counseling, La Sierra University (2002)
  • Educational Psychology, Harvard University (2006)
  • Educational Administration, La Sierra  University (2009)
Chinese Principal: Ms. Joan Zhou
  • B.A. from Central South University
  • Master’s degree in Education Management from Harvard University
  • International NLP Psychological Counselor
  • National Senior Psychological Counselor


We are a team of educators with a vision to create an exemplary educational framework and collaborate on establishing a global school. We aim to fully unleash students' academic and personal potential, provide personalized instruction, assist students in transitioning to an American-style education in China, and effectively prepare them for studying abroad, enabling them to seamlessly compete with local and international students.

Director Joan: Director of the Management and Operations Center, responsible for the enrollment, construction, cooperation, and exchange of the SEIS

Director Jane: Director of the Teaching and Research Center, responsible for teaching management, curriculum design, and student activity arrangements at SEIS

Director Bean: Director of the Planning and Continuing Education Center, responsible for guiding students at the SEIS in their further education

Teaching philosophy of the team

To implement personalized teaching, SEIS offers small class teaching with a strong teacher-student ratio. This approach provides students with ample attention and guidance. Professional education planning and guidance teachers are available throughout the entire process to ensure the quality of student education.

SEIS believes that education is not just about reading, but also about practical experience. That's why the school frequently organizes community service activities for students to participate in. This is an excellent way for students to contribute to society and gain valuable experience.

SEIS follows a teaching philosophy of "holistic education". In addition to regular cultural courses, the school places more emphasis on group discussions, innovation, logical reasoning, and critical thinking. The school also emphasizes the development of language expression and writing abilities. Course content is diverse and tailored to each student's needs, ensuring that everyone has their own schedule.

10-15 people per class
Small scale teaching mode, pursuing high-quality education
Teacher student ratio 1:5
High teacher-student ratio, providing students with sufficient care
100% enrollment
Comprehensive enrollment planning and guidance, with 100% of students entering the top 200 universities in the world
20 hours
Organize students to actively participate in community activities for no less than 20 hours per year
Over 50 courses

Provide a comprehensive and systematic American elite curriculum system, offering over 50 courses including AP Level courses

1 person, 1 class schedule
Offer a hierarchical educational framework and course selection mechanism, tailored to each student's unique schedule.

Teaching team


Master's degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology in the United States. Teacher Bean used to work for an international software company and led a deep collaboration project between the company and Apple. Teacher Bean has a rigorous teaching style, is friendly, patient with students, and is deeply loved by students. Responsible for teaching CS and physics.


PhD candidate in Business Administration at Swiss Business School, Martin is responsible for teaching economics and history. The classroom promotes strong interactivity and encourages active student communication.


Tony is in charge of teaching English speaking and mathematics at the school, and is skilled in numerous languages such as English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French, and Turkish.


Master's degree in English Translation from Newcastle University, responsible for teaching English listening and speaking skills. Yilia has a strong affinity and diverse teaching styles, and can quickly analyze students' problems to improve their listening skills.


Master's degree in Biology from Taiyuan University of Technology, responsible for teaching science and biology. Teacher Yiyi can inspire students to use various practical methods to master knowledge content, with a variety of teaching methods, which are loved by students.


I am a master's student at Beijing Foreign Studies University, responsible for teaching English literature. Proficient in analyzing the logic of English language and imparting efficient English learning methods and ideas, as a special prize winner in the National College English Competition (CET-8).


Master's degree in Translation from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. Responsible for teaching English writing. Teacher Lynn is good at inspiring students and broadening their thinking.


Master's degree in Education from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, responsible for teaching Chinese language. I am currently pursuing a PhD at the University of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the University of Stirling in the UK. Shirley has a wide range of knowledge and is good at communicating with students, Patient explanation, rich classroom content, and good classroom atmosphere.

Ms. Zhang

Responsible for following up on students' daily learning progress and homework completion.

Acellus Certification

Acellus DrChen
Acellus Joan
Acellus Jane
Acellus Bean