Shenzhen Enlighten International School

Learning And Growing Together

Shenzhen Enlighten International School (SEIS) is committed to providing high-quality after-school education. SEIS promotes the establishment of diverse clubs, offering students a platform to cultivate leadership skills, teamwork, public speaking, and service awareness.

Each afternoon, students at SEIS have an hour of extracurricular activity time. They can choose from a range of clubs and organizations, including yoga, swimming, fitness, basketball, music, musical instruments, robotics, and more, providing ample space for students to showcase their talents. Furthermore, a variety of campus activities such as the American School Games, The Voice of England, dance competitions, drama festivals, dubbing competitions, Halloween and Christmas events, allow students to have an enjoyable time.

Art Design and Production

Design composition, sketching and color, design color, hand drawn illustration design, interior hand drawn expression, CAD, 3D Maxs


Music world

Music is an essential art form in contemporary society. It provides a medium for people to express their emotions and thoughts, as well as communicate information and values. SEIS aims to educate students on the various benefits of music, including its ability to help alleviate pain and anxiety in medical settings, enhance intelligence and learning ability in education, and promote pleasure and relaxation in entertainment. Ultimately, SEIS hopes that a love of music will accompany students on their academic and personal journeys.

Calligraphy and Animation

The significance of SEIS calligraphy and animation lies in the fact that calligraphy is a vital part of Chinese culture. It encompasses various cultural elements such as Chinese history, literature, philosophy, and painting, and captures the world's attention with its deep artistic conception and cultural characteristics. Calligraphy serves a special cultural and educational function, and the primary goal of English calligraphy education is to enhance students' artistic aesthetic ability, cultural cultivation, and moral quality.

Animation can offer students entertainment and relaxation, stimulate imagination and creativity, convey positive values, increase cultural understanding and exchange, broaden knowledge and learning, provide role models and life inspirations, and bring together a community of like-minded enthusiasts.


The world is abundant in beauty, but it requires discerning eyes to appreciate it. SEIS educates students in the art of photography, which is primarily about honing their ability to seek out and capture beauty. In the pursuit of appreciating and creating beauty, individuals should engage their thoughts and emotions, find joy in the process, and develop their character. SEIS encourages students to actively engage in developing their photography skills from two perspectives: "discovering beauty" and "expressing beauty".